Before Calling (Equipment Techniques)

Before calling our office for a repair, we recommend the following troubleshooting “checklist.”

Autoclave – Table Top

Problem Equipment terminates cycle prematurely
Condition Short Sterilize Cycle


  • Insure water reservoir is full.
  • Make sure water has entered the sterilization chamber.

Problem Rusting instruments and wet packs inside
Condition Instruments and packs not drying


  • Insure sterilizer is sitting on a level surface.
  • Don’t overload or pack trays too tightly.


Problem Poor traces on one or more channels
Condition AC Interference


  • Insure that equipment is properly grounded
  • Other equipment plugged into AC outlet could cause interference. Unplug other equipment.
  • Make sure patient is not in contact with any metal objects.
  • Patient should be laying down on a flat table that supports their entire body.

Problem Unreadable complexes and wandering baseline
Condition Artifact Interference


  • Insure patient is completely relaxed.
  • Be certain all electrode sites are void of all oil, dead skin, lotion, perfume, etc.
  • Patient cable is draped so as not to cause stress on any individual lead.


Problem Unit will not accept test after blowing into transducer.
Condition Test not excepted.


  • Patient may be leaking air through nose. Nose clip should be on.
  • Patient’s lips may not be securely around mouth piece.
  • Patient should be standing during test.
  • Patient must exert maximum expiratory effort.
  • Patient’s expiatory effort must last 6 seconds.

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